The 2011 Sturbridge Motor Gathering

1911 Knox Touring Car
1911 Simplex Speed Car

The business end of the Simplex Speed Car

As the weather turns warm here in Arizona, I've been thinking back to the event we helped organize last September in MA. A small group of us came together to organize a casual gathering of Edwardian vehicles (in this case pre-1919). We partnered with an outdoor living history museum in central MA - Old Sturbridge Village. We invited the first 50 cars we could find and crossed our fingers that it wouldn't rain. The weather was wonderful (Honestly, it was a bit cold driving the 1909 Pierce the 30 miles over in the morning), the setting was fantastic, and I believe all who attended enjoyed the day. There are certainly a number of great tours for vehicles of this era, however there seems to be a lack of events that focus on early motoring - the history of these early cars and more broadly the birth of the automotive industry in the US. There were some truly wonderful and important cars that participated. 

A couple cars to note:  
1. Eric Hartz's brought his original Knox touring car manufactured right down the road in Springfield, MA. 
2. Gunner Gunnerson brought his fabulous Simplex speed car - formerly in the collection of Henry Austin Clark Jr (The Long Island Auto Museum). There's a great old newspaper photo of Clark and Gary Cooper sitting in this every car. 
 3. Our friend Charlie brought his Pierce Arrow model 6-66 - this car was owned by Admiral Richard E Byrd, Jr. The Pierce Arrow model 6-66 was the largest (measured by displacement - 825 cubic inches) engine offered in a US production car until the 1960s.

Great event - I hope we can do it again.

Pierce Arrow model 6-66

The family's 1909 Pierce Arrow

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