America On Wheels: March 2012

I had the chance to visit America On Wheels while in Allentown, PA this past March. I've been there before but not for a few years. I took the boys - my son and his cousins (all budding car guys). The museum's website is not much look at, however the facility is quite nice. It doesn't appear that they have much in the way of a permanent collection, but each time I've been there, they had nice exhibits on display. This time they featured Chevy due to their 100 year anniversary. One area of excellence is the fantastic group of early motorcycles on loan from Herb Singe Jr. Herb and his Dad have some wonderful stuff in their collection. The one item I'm most fascinated about is the Henry Nadig vehicle dated 1889. I'd love to learn more about this piece. If you're ever in Allentown it's worth a stop.

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