1913 Havers

A good friend is just finishing up this 1913 Havers and Dad is headed out to drive it in a few weeks. It looks beautiful in the pictures (he always does fantastic restorations) and I can't wait to see it in person.

If you haven't heard of a Havers before, you're not alone. The Havers Motor Car Co. was incorporated in Port Huron, Michigan in 1908. They built their first cars in 1910 and by 1912 they had purchased an old EMF factory in Port Huron to expand. Unfortunately for them, it all came to an end in 1914 when the factory burned. 
There are four Havers cars know to have survived. A 1912 Touring car in The Port Huron Museum (I believe it's on loan to the Wills St. Clair Museum), A 1912 touring car that belongs to Terry Ernest who's a director at the Wills St. Clair Museum. You may have seen this car at Amelia Island a couple years ago - lovely. The other two cars are owned by our good friend John, who has a 1913 touring car and this 1913 speedster.

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  1. Like the Duesenberg, there were two brothers behind the Havers - Fred and Ernest.